Healthifit CORE Workout

Jun 29, 14 Healthifit CORE Workout

Warm up with the three pound hoola-hoop: 2 minutes
Follow that with 2 minutes with mat ab crunches, this requires you to push your back into the mat and your belly button in to the floor.

Start with knees together, feet on the ground, chin tucked, elbows wide. Crunch for 10 reps then alternate knees touching one leg straight up for 10 crunches on one side and 10 on the other. Hop up and do two more minutes of hoola-hoop. Now for the real fun part: get out your jump rope and JUMP for as long as you can. Don’t worry if you mess up start over. When you get winded, stop.

Now catch your breath for 20 seconds and start over with the crunches on the oor. End your Core workout with two more minutes of hoola-hoop.
*Fit Hint- combine this work out with the PUSH/PULL workout and you will have a quick and effective 30 minute workout.

      Healthi Fit KAT WALK workout


      Guaranteed for great glutes! Start with stationary light lunges, front knee behind front toe, back leg squeezing rear glute. Then switch legs and repeat.


      First Set


    • 10-15 reps each leg light weight. Second Set
    • 10-15 reps each leg medium weight

Third Set

  • Place a tension band around your ankles, maintain a shoulder width stance. Squat, with your butt back, side step, side step, pause in the squat position. Keep going for 12-15 steps to your right and then 12-15 steps to your left. Repeat lunges and side steps and then strut it… Be sure to stretch when you are done and drink lots of water.