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north-county-personal-trainer-testimonialLori Parker of Encinitas

Several years ago I realized that, if I didn’t do something, my bones and body were only going to get weaker,and age more quickly. I am an avid walker and hiker and love to work out. We have a workout room but even after buying several books on the subject … I was either hurting myself because I didn’t know what I was doing … and I was not getting the results I could. I decided it was time to get a personal trainer with a set appointment time so I didn’t just work through the day and say … I’ll get to the workout tomorrow. Someone who knew what they were doing and watched me so I didn’t get hurt, and someone to talk to about what it was I was looking for, as in results, and how to help me accomplish them. I went to one trainer, whom I liked as a person, but who did not listen to my wishes. I got rmer, but actually went UP a size in clothing!!!! Yeah … NO. That is when I met Betsy. I saw her and knew that she trained in a way that I wanted to. Within a month of seeing her, twice a week, she not only had me back down to my size, but I felt better, physically and mentally, than I ever had!

Betsy listens, knows her field extremely well, and I love that she keeps up on it all the time. She changes up your routine so it’s never boring and so that your body gets new exercises to keep it moving in the right direction.

I am asked about my physical state every time I walk in. Which reminds me if I have fallen skiing, or whatever it is that I did to myself that time!! She then knows what to do to make sure that, not only do I not keep inquiring myself, but that I work out in a way that helps my inquiry heal. Betsy says she can give you an hour work out in 30 minutes … and she does. It’s great for people, like me, who have a full schedule. Plus, I believe it really helps to get your metabolism running … like it should … which helps you loss weight, gain muscle, strength, and have the kind of body you are proud of. I love working out with Betsy, she is good at what she does, she is a wonderful person, and she really cares about you and helping you reach your goals.

Healthifit KAT Walk Workout

Guaranteed for great glutes! Start with stationary light lunges, front knee behind front toe, back leg squeezing rear glute….

Healthifit Push/Pull Workout

This is the PUSH, great for upper body/chest First Set Incline Smith Bench Press starting with a warm up…

The Healthifit CORE Workout

Warm up with the three pound hoola-hoop: 2 minutes Follow that with 2 minutes with mat ab crunches, this…